Company History

Airwave Technologies (a.k.a. Airtechs Malawi) was founded on 13th February in 2018 by a young Malawian man Chisomo Daka. Airtechs Malawi basically exists to serve the ICT needs of small, medium and large scale enterprises. Airtechs also provides ICT solutions across many sectors of development including e-Health, e-Agriculture, e-Education, smart homes & cities (i.e. IoT) and etc.

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A Startup Company

In brief the initial inspiration for a much better Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in Malawi and across the realms of the developing world originated from the co-authorship of the book entitled "ICT Infrastructural Development in the Developing World" by the founder and CEO of Airwave Technologies Malawi, Mr. Chisomo Daka. It all started as an intervention towards the notion for ICT innovation action and it was later developed as an ICT business aimed at serving the rising needs for ICT services and products across many sectors of development.

The ultimate goal of Airwave Technologies is to provide High Quality ICT products and services at the most affordable cost to its prospective clients. The company is also committed to undertake ICT research consultations and trainings aimed at enhancing the proliferation of ICTs in rural and remote areas where adoption and full utilization of ICTs is still in the grassroots.

The Team

Welcome with a warm    to meet our team at Airwave Technologies

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Chisomo Daka

Founder, Programmer & Network Engineer

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Melvin Kalipinde

Mobile, Web & Game Developer

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Samuel Yute

Full Stack Web & Database Expert

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Steve Ng'omba

Animation & Graphics Designer

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Gerald Kayange

Telecom & Network Engineer

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Gift Kaluwa

Sales & Marketing Expert

Our pleasure to serve you

Our priority is to give you the best experience with our magnificent services.


Our strategy at Airwave Technologies seeks to elevate the use of ICTs by ensuring new projects creates new services and further efficiencies, and reduces costs. To achive this, we are committed to always be supertransparent to our clients.


Discover new opportunities with our operational team. The ICT industry is ever growing and the need for better and safer technologies intended for personal use and organizational operations creates a gap for new products and services.


Airwave Technologies offers an unmatched combination of expertise. Our diverse team of professional thought leaders and subject matter experts continually advance our solutions and capabilities to meet your challenges.

Assuring You Of Our Best Possible Services At All Times And We Look Forward To Welcome You

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